Bobo's Toastr Pastry


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New! 9g Protein. Never Before Has A Breakfast Pastry Been The Ideal Balance Of Savor Peanut Butter And Sweet Chocolate Until Now. Enjoy! Baked From the Heart in Boulder, Colorado.

Directions: Heating Instructions: Remove Pastry from Packaging. Toaster: Toast Once On the Lowest Setting. In Microwave: Microwave On High For 3 Seconds.

Warnings: May Contain Peanuts and Coconut. May Also Contain Traces of Tree Nuts.Your Appliance May Vary And You May Need To Adjust Your Settings And Cooking Time. Never Leave Your Appliance Unattended Due To Possibility Of Smoke And Fire. Filling Can Be Extremely Hot And Can Cause Burns-Let Pastries Cool Before Handling. Children Should Be Supervised While Warming Pastries.

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