FINAFLEX (Redefine Nutrition) Ketone Test Strips

FINAFLEX (Redefine Nutrition)

SKU: 5430084

Urinalysis Testing. Test for Ketone Levels. Results in 30 Seconds. Monitor Ketosis. For Urinalysis. Easy To Use. Ketone Test Strips Are Used To Test Urine For The Presence And Concentration Of Ketones (Acetoacetic Acid). For In-Vitro Diagnostic Use Only. Suitable For Keto and Low Carb Dieters.

How To Test: 1. Hold End Without Pad. Pass Test Pad Slowly Through Urine Stream. 2. After 30 Seconds Match Test Pad To Color Chart.

Promptly Replace The Bottle Lid After Taking Our A Strip. Read The Insert For Detailed Instructions. Keep Away From Light And Moisture. Discard Product After Expiration Date. Store in a Cool Dry Place. Do Not Refrigerate Or Freeze. Do Not Use If Box Or Bottle Has Been Tampered With. Read All Additional Instructions On The Included Insert Prior To Using This Product.

REAGENTS: 7.1 % W/W Sodium Nitroprusside; 92.9% Buffer and Nonreactive Ingredients.

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