Sanz Odor Neutralizer


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Odor Eliminating Power! Innovative. Powered By Amezol. Hypoallergenic and Biodegradable. Eliminates Odor And Prevents Odor. Perfect For Sports Gear. Multi-Purpose. Safe for The Environment. Free Of Harsh Chemicals. For Things That Stink To High Heaven! Sanz Odor Neutralizer Is Formulated With Amezol, An Innovative Compound Baked By Science And Exclusive To Sanz. Amezol Is A Remarkable Compound Made Up Of Safe And Natural Peptide And Amino Acid Derivatives. Amezol's Unique Properties Not Only Safely Eliminate Odors from Sweaty Clothes, Athletic Gear, And Many Other Items That Smell, But Can Also Reactivate to Prevent Smells from Reoccurring. Sanz Odor Neutralizer Can Be Used On Various Hard And Soft Surfaces. It Works Fast and Is Ideal For: Sports Equipment. Gym Bags. Stinky Shoes. Pet Bedding. Smelly Clothes. Just About Anything That Stinks! Formulated With Care For You And The Environment. Sanz Means "Without." No Harmful Residue. 100% Biodegradable. Hypoallergenic. No Harmful Chemicals or Bleach. No Animal Testing (Vegan). No Genetically Modified (GMO) Ingredients. All Ingredients Classified As Non-Hazardous. No Dyes. Safe for Hi-Tech Fabrics.

Directions: Generously And Thoroughly Spray Down All Areas Of Stinky Clothing, Material, Inner Shoe Linings, Athletic Pads, Equipment, Etc. Allow To Air Dry. Sanz Odor Neutralizer Will Safely eradicate Any Active Odors and Leave a Soft Clean Natural Fragrance. Sanz Odor Neutralizer Protects Materials From Future Odors By Reactivating The Next Time Smelly Situations Arise. Its Incredible Properties Can Last Weeks Or Months! When You Notice Odors Starting To Come Back, Just Re-Spray Sanz Odor Neutralizer.

Warnings: Caution: Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. If Swallowed Give Glass Of Water And Call Physician. In Case Of Eye Contact, Flush With Water. Do Not Reuse This Packaging To Dispense Beverages Or Other Liquids.
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