Synthetek Synthelator – Vasodilator

Synthetek Industries


IINGREDIENTS: Adenosine Monophosphate (AMP) 40mg/ml – in a sterile solution, of pharmaceutical quality and purity.

10ml bottle.

Synthelator Usage

This is it! The ultimate ‘pro competitive secret’! Synthelator™ is the most powerful vasodilator currently available in bodybuilding.

A competitive bodybuilder can achieve extreme vascularity when using Synthelator™ one hour prior to stepping on stage. Within one hour of using Synthelator™ as per USAGE, one will experience extreme hyperventilation, where oxygen will get sucked up into the blood stream, increasing vascularity (surface veins) to an extreme level, achieving the ‘Road Map’ look highly desired in bodybuilding competitions.

You have NEVER experienced anything like it!

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