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Thermos-Shred. Fat Burner. Thermo-Shred Power: Advantra Z. Dynamine. Paradoxine. Bioperine. Helps Raise Core Temperature. Increases Energy. Aid To Suppress Appetite. Promotes Focus. Phedracut Burn X Black Is A Revolutionary Fat Burner, Formulated With Scientifically Researched And Tested Ingredients To Accelerate Thermogenesis, Exert Powerful Appetite Suppression, Combat Fatigue, And Keep You Going For Hours. Phedracut Burn X Black Is A Weight Loss Solution To Stimulate Fat Burning And Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Diet And Exercise Program.

Recommended Use: 1 Capsule = Serving. As A Dietary Supplement, Take One Serving (1 Capsule) Of Phedracut Burn X Black With 8-12 FL Oz. Of Water In The Morning, And One Serving (1 Capsule) With 8-12 FL Oz Of Water 5-6 Hours Later. Use Only As Directed.

Keep Out Of Reach Of Children. Store At Room Temperature And Avoid Excessive Heat. Tamper Resistant: Do Not Use If Safety Seal Under Cap Is Broken Or Missing. Warning: Not For Use By Individuals Under The Age Of 18. Do Not Use Of Pregnant Or Nursing. Consult A Physician Or Licensed Qualified Health Care Professional Before Using This Product If You Have Or Have A Family History Of, Heart Disease, Thyroid Disease, Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Depression Or Other Psychiatric Condition, Glaucoma, Difficulty In Urinating, Prostate Enlargement, Or Seizure Disorder, Or If You Are Using A Monoamine Oxidase Inhibitor (MAOI) Or Any Other Dietary Supplement, Prescription Drug, Or Over-The-Counter Drug Containing Ephedrine, Pseudoephedrine, Or Phenylpropanolamine (Ingredients Found In Certain Allergy Asthma, Cough Or Cold, And Weight Control Products), Or If You Have Any Medical Condition. Do Not Exceed The Recommended Serving. Exceeding The Recommended Serving May Cause Adverse Health Effects. Discontinue Use And Call A Physician Or Licensed Qualified Health Care Professional Immediately If You Experience Persistent Flushing, Itching, Rash Or Gastric Disturbances, Or Other Similar Symptoms. Do Not Use This Product If You Are More Than 15 Pounds Overweight. The Consumer Assumes Total Liability If This Product Is Used In A Manner Inconsistent With Label Guidelines. This Product Is Intended For Use By Healthy Individuals Only. Warning Statement: Too Much Caffeine May Cause Nervousness, Irritability, Sleeplessness, And Occasionally Rapid Heartbeat. One Serving Of Phedracut Burn X Black Provides 250mg Of Caffeine Which Is About As Much Caffeine As Two And A Half Cups Of Coffee.

Bovine Gelatin (Capsule), Soybean Oil, Microcrystalline Cellulose, Magnesium Stearate, Silica, Sunflower Lecithin.

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